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Welcome to the old Goulden Hardwoods Website 2014

We supply small quantities of hardwoods to Turners and Cabinet Makers and anyone else who wants quality wood at an affordable price. Whilst we do deliver by post and courier (a bit) we particularly welcome those who are able to visit us. We are very small and may not suit all wood users but we provide a quick friendly service when we have what you need.

The wood is in a couple of sheds in a wood in the middle of nowhere so we need to meet you by appointment and if you don't have a 4 x 4 take you up the track.

Unlike bigger yards you can get to every plank of wood for sale and I usually have a bit of Walnut, decent Oak and rarer woods like Elm.

The website name is a bit of a misnomer from late 1990s when The Web was just getting going and search engines limited as I try not to send planked wood now ... it's much better to come and choose it yourself. I will send turning blanks and Smoking Wood - see other website on links page.

The woods are between Andover and Newbury, Berkshire, UK.

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There will be bluebells over the woods in Andover.... in May !

Goulden Hardwoods was founded in 1983 by O.A. Goulden. His son Paul now runs the business as a hobby with the help of friends.

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